World Handicap System
Playing Handicap

What is a playing handicap?

Playing Handicap is a stroke allowance that is implemented in order to maintain the integrity of the WHS when used in competition. It allows golfers to compete on a level playing field, regardless of their Handicap Index.

The Course Handicap converts to a Playing Handicap for competition purposes and changes depending on the format of play.

The four most important aspects of Playing Handicap to remember are:

* It is only used for competition purposes
* It ensures equity to calculate competition results (via Handicap Allowances)
* Golfers do not need to calculate it (it is generated before their round)
* Golfers should continue to play in the mindset of their Course Handicap in competition rounds

Whilst Playing Handicap is important, Handicap Committees do not need to labour the point to golfers regarding this aspect of the WHS.

On the following page a table is available for download which shows handicap allowances for all competition formats.

The WHS has been designed with the enjoyment of recreational golf at the forefront. The WHS will allow golfers to play with freedom, therefore changing the nature in which they play the game. The focus for golfers should not be on their Playing Handicap.