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Thursday 14 September 2023 Seniors with Ladies Am - Am

Today’s game was a mixed Ladies & Seniors event played over 10 holes. The format was best 2 scores to count on each hole except the two par threes where 3 counted.

When we arrived it was a cool 13 degrees and Donna told us heavy rain was imminent and said she was ready to issue us with “rain cheques”. However, it stayed fine, got warmer and by the end all jumpers had been removed.

It was good to see some new ladies who had not played with the seniors before along with a new senior – Bob Ellis.

A winning score of 49 was achieved by Tracy Akin, Gaynor Macgregor, Philip Earl and Gordon Holland who beat Rosemary Lilley, Judith Youngson, Neil Tidd and Harry Cooke on a countback.

Thursday 14 September 2023 Seniors with Ladies - A Snapshot

Thursday 7 September - Helsby (H)

Helsby Home - from the Captain of the Day - Mr VC Steve Sambell

After warnings of high temperatures and emails encouraging us all to bring plenty of fluids, we arrive at the course to be greeted by rain! Spirits were high however and the rain soon gave way to the promised heat.

Portal went into the game feeling positive as many of the Helsby team had just had 3 days away in Wales – we weren’t sure if this was intense training for this match or whether the evening festivities would take their toll!

The course was looking good, the greens were excellent but some of the rough was challenging.

Nearest the pin on the 15th was won by Mike Earley of Helsby and David Capper of Portal.

It was good to see Jeff Mullholand in the Helsby ranks who spoke to the gathered players after the game.

A special mention goes to Dave Capper who is standing down after this game after coordinating the Seniors Inter Club matches for the past 3 years – Happy Retirement.

Result - Portal won 7 - 1. Portal also won on aggregate 12 to 4 over the two matches and retained the Trophy.

Sambell and Mitchell W
Hayward and Earl W
Rodgers and Capper W
Wilson and Peach W
Reid and Wren W
Holland and Williams W
Marlor and Takawira W
Albel and Thompson AS

Thursday 7 September - Helsby (Home) - A Selection of After Lunch Speakers

Friday 1 September 2023 - Arderne (Home)

Arderne Home - from the Captain of the Day - David Mitchell

Having been CoD at the 7 to 1 thrashing at Vicars Cross, I am delighted to report a 6-0 win over The Arderne. Their players struggled with the length of our course and we all played some excellent golf to win our matches.

It was a lovely late summer day and to my knowledge everyone enjoyed themselves apart from John Marlor and myself who lost out on the nearest the pin to Jim Wren for the Portal Players and John Morris being nearest the pin for Arderne Players

Well done to all Portal Premier players!

Overall Result W 6 - 0

Individual Matches
Mitchell and Earl W
Hayward and Marlor W
Wren and Tidd W
Shopland and Holland W
Albel and Takawira W
Capper W

Friday 1 September 2023 - Arderne (Home) - Some Photos

Friday 28 August 2023 - Crewe (Away)

Crewe Away - from the Captain of the Day - John Marlor

The Crewe course was in excellent condition and we were fortunate that the weather just held out for this Seniors' away match.

At stake was the Salver awarded to the winning team over two legs.

Portal were in confident mood being 6-2 up after the home match. In fairness it has to be added that this win was secured with four Crewe loan players 'helping out' because of a Portal player shortage !!

The result was a narrow 41/2 - 31/2 win for Crewe.

Portal were therefore overall 91/2 - 61/2 winners. The Salver returning to Portal for the first time since 2016.

Catering after the match was excellent, as usual, with the 'sweets' table proving particularly popular.

Overall Result L 3 ½ - 4 ½
Individual Matches
Marlor and Eaton L
Garner - Jones and Doyle L
Cross and Rodgers L
Tidd and Albel W
Poole and Holland W
Earl and Takiwara L
Williams and Reid W
Capper and Hayward AS

Friday 28 August 2023 - Crewe (Away) - The Boys at Rest

Thursday 3 August 2023 - Portal Seniors v Vicars Cross Home

Vicars Cross Home - from the Captain of the Day - Philip Earl

Everyone congregated for the match for teas and coffees with the weather set fair, but forecasts of heavy rain and even thunderstorms were making everyone a little anxious. Some optimists in the group suggested BBC Weather should be ignored - theirs showed little/no rain. In the end, as golf got underway, apart from one significant shower at 10:00, there was little rain and some sunshine - the optimists win. Bliss!

The course was looking green and lush, but it played tough. Not much run due to the damp fairways, greens were slow, and the fringe rough was thick and wet. Using the fairways paid dividends. I can only believe the Portal team made good use of them given the result.

Nearest the pin on the 15th was won by Jim Hayward for Portal, and for Vicars Cross, Mr Captain - Peter Bishop.

In the end, there's no other way of putting it, it was a revenge result for the 71/2 - 1/2 thrashing at Vicars Cross, with the same result in reverse at home. Vicars Cross CoD, Melvyn King, put it nicely, that it was a draw overall for the two matches.

Well done Portal!

Overall Result Won 7.5 - 0.5

Individual Matches
Earl and Rodgers AS
Tidd and Hayward W
Eaton and Reid W
Capper and Albel W
Cross and Shopland W
Groves and Peach W
Cook and Marlor W
Holland Sheppard W

2023-08-03 Seniors v Vicars X (Home)

2023-07-21 Portal Seniors v Mere Away

Mere Away - from the Captain of the Day - Peter Wilson

What a great day! As well as being a great venue and course, the Mere players all made us so welcome.The weather was vastly improved from the day before and the course was very well prepared. The post match meal was its usual quality, served in the main restaurant.

Now, the match result! We had lent Mere two players and Bill and I agreed that we would have a "blind" draw to decide who played for who? I asked one of the bar staff to give me A or B and she gave A. I had a copy of Mere's sheet who put Portal first, ie A giving us the win making the match result Mere 3, Portal 4. This result was announced. However, later I realised that our team sheet had Mere as A which would have given Mere the match win!!! As the last match were all Portal and in the spirit the day was played in I think the result should be an honourable draw 31/2 to 31/2.

Finally as Colin and I played against the Club President, I felt I should buy him a drink after our team left (we complain about Portal prices?) and then made a glass of red last whilst Bill and others joined us and bottles started to flow! All told a very good day

Overall Result A/S 3.5 - 3.5 See above!
Individual Matches
Wilson and Albel W 5 and 4
Thompson and Williams L 5 and 4 Turn about!
Holland and Mitchell L 2 and 1
Doyle and Hayward W 2 and 1
Eaton and Earl L 1 down
Groves and Rodgers W 2 and 1
Peach & Marlor/Takawira & Reid W? 2 and 1 See above!

A couple of snaps shown below

2023-07-21 Portal Seniors v Mere Away

2023-07-05 Match v Dunham Forest (A) - CoD Report and Result

Seniors v Dunham Forest Away - from Captain of the Day Jim Wren

Although the rain threatened, it came to nothing! The overnight rain had taken some of the usual fire out of the Dunham course, which was well presented with running fairways and fair greens. This obviously suited the Portal team who pretty much carried all before them!

No revenge was available to DF Captain Nick Abbott (who had a partner this time round!), although they were both a buggy as they were playing ten holes later in the day in the lead up to Captain's Weekend! Gordon carried CoD Jim for the required fifteen holes - a handicap to even things up!

Lunch, as usual, was excellent fish and chips with fruit salad and ice cream for pudding, which went down very well. After the usual short speech from DF Cod Richard, Portal CoD gave the result - 7 - 1 to Portal and 14.5 - 1.5 over both legs! Well done, Portal Team and thanks, as ever, to David Capper for all his hard work in sorting us all out!!

Overall Result W 7 - 1
Individual Matches
Wren and Holland W 4 and 3
Hunter and Peach W 1 Up
Capper and Cross A/S
Albel and Reid W 8 and 6
Rodgers and Earl W 3 and 1
Williams and Warrington A/S
Haywood and Marlor W 2 and 1
Doyle and Takawira W 3 and 2

2023-07-05 Match v Dunham Forest (A) - Some Photos of the Teams at Rest after a Hard Fought Morning

2023-06-23 Match v Warrington (A) - Result

Lost 6 - 2

2023-06-15 Seniors v Dunham Forest (Home)

Seniors v Dunham Forest Home - from Captain of the Day Jim Wren

Another glorious sunny day, although a little cooler than of late - thank goodness! The course was in great condition, the fairways running freely and the greens (mostly) putting well

We ended up with an almost full complement of players on both sides, thanks to a late replacement by the redoubtable Harry Cooke - thank you. Unfortunately, Dunham's lead out player, Club Captain Nick Abbott, had been left on his own by a late withdrawal. He made a fist of his game but unfortunately only birdies or pars were good enough for him to either win or halve a hole!

After a short introduction, Ian Schiffman, Dunham's CoD, asked us all to raise a glass to Nigel Lawson whose unfortunate demise had brought last year's match to a halt.

He then gave the result with Portal running out winners, 7.5 to 0.5

Nearest the Pin were Harry Cooke (Portal - twice in a week) and Stephen Cantor (Dunham)"

Individual Matches
Wren and Rodgers W 6 and 4
Williams and Wilson W 1 up
Tidd and Mithchell W 3 and 2
Marlor and Cooke W 5 and 4
Cross and Albel W 5 and 4
Capper and Takawira A/S
Reid and Heywood W 9 and 7
Earl and Peach W 3 and 2

2023-06-02 Seniors v Crewe Home

Crewe Home - from the Captain of the Day - Alan Groves

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, the course was looking good with plenty of run on. We were only able to field 12 players with Crewe supplying an additional 4 players to make up the team. Excellent and enjoyable atmosphere and company and many thanks to Crewe.

Welcome to Mark Williams playing his first match for the Seniors and many thanks to David Capper for all his hard work ensuring the match went ahead.

Graham Martin, Crewe Captain, brought along the Salver that is played for between the two teams and has not been seen for a year or two. Engraving shows we have not won over the two legs since 2016.

Nearest the Pin were Alan Groves (Portal) and Charles Hopkins (Crewe)

Today’s result was 6-2 to Portal.

Individual Matches
Groves and Mayo W 2 up
Doyle and Alcock (Cr) W 2 and 1
Williams and Albel W 5 and 4
Marlor and Tweddle W 1 up
Ridgley and Roberts (Cr) L 2 and 1
Thompson and Hamlin (Cr) L 3 and 2
Earl and Worrel W 4 and 3
Cooke and Capper W 4 and 3

2023-05-25 Seniors v Warrington Home

Warrington Home - from the Captain of the Day - Neil Tidd (aka Jim Wren)

The CoD had to go early to return the car to Lady Captain - good excuse! So I'm writing this up!

What a fantastic day's weather - and to be out playing golf as well! Isn't it great to be a Senior! The course was in fantastic condition and, at last, getting the run on the fairways we've been missing all winter. But the faster greens made putting a little tricky but we all got the hang of them in the end (well, mostly!)

Both Clubs fielded full teams of sixteen people which was good. There's been a slight drop off in numbers wanting to play in ICMs making David Capper's job very difficult - thanks to him for his ever placid demeanour and patience!

The matches were well fought with excuses being rehearsed for use in the Club House later over very good sandwiches and chips! Portal ran out 6.5 to 1.5 winners and look forward to the return match in June.

Congratulations to Eric Rodgers and Phil Wilikinson for NtPs at the 15th

Overall Result W 6.5 - 1.5
Individual Matches
Tidd and Reid L 4 and 3
Wren and Albel W 3 and 2
Sambell and Rodgers W 3 and 1
Earl and Sheppard W 6 and 5
Capper and Mitchell W 8 and 7
Hunter and Doyle W 2 and 1
Marlor and Cunningham W 1 up
Tweddle and Takiwira AS

2023-05-18 Seniors v Mere (Home)

From Captain of the Day, Peter Wilson

The match was played in very good weather and the course drew lots of compliments from the Mere players. The Inaugural Trophy is being played on Sunday and we definitely benefitted from the course being prepared for that.

Mere could only field a team of 12 and I am pleased to report Portal did not lose a match with 3 wins and 3 draws ie Portal won 41/2 to 11/2.

Arnie Sheppard for Portal and David Murtagh for Mere won a bottle of wine each for nearest the pin

We were able to enjoy sandwiches and chips in the sunshine on the patio ahead of a short announcement of the result.

Individual Matches
Wilson and Howell W 3 and 2
Warrington and Doyle W 3 and 1
Cross and Cunningham AS
Albel and Eaton AS
Walsh and Sheppard AS
Takawira and Hayward W 4 and 3

2023-05-11 Seniors v Helsby Away

From Captain of the Day - Adrian Cross

Lovely day at Helsby on Thursday. We were extremely lucky to play in the dry as the course was very wet following a downpour on Wednesday which closed Helsby course.

As usual the clubhouse was in excellent nick and the course was wet but playable. The early coffee and biscuits were very good and we got teed off on 2 tees, 1st and 16th to get us in to eat closer together.

The meal was again excellent braised beef veggies and chips with sticky toffee pudding caramel sauce with ice cream.

Overall Result Won 5 - 3

Individual Matches
Cross and Hayward W 3 and 2
Poole and Capper W 5 and 3
Earl and Takawira W 6 and 5
Mitchell and Shopland L 3 and 2
Thompson and Holland W 4 and 3
Groves and Walsh W 7 and 6
Eaton and Wilson L 2 and 1
Albel and Sambell L 3 and 2

2023-04-21 Vicars Cross (Away)

From the Captain of the Day - David Mitchell

Concerning the match against VC, I can report that it was a beautiful sunny day, the course was in fantastic condition and the meal afterwards was very good indeed.

Unfortunately we were well and truly stuffed. 7 to 1 the hammered us although some of the matches were closer than the result suggests.

They are all a decent bunch of guys and they are looking forward to the return match in August. "

Overall Result L 1 - 7
Individual Matches
Williams and Groves L 3 and 1
Mitchell and Cross L 2 and 1
Rodgers and Shopland L 6 and 5
Marlor and Poole L 1 up
Holland and Takawira L 3 and 2
Albel and Eaton L 4 and 3
Thompson and Sheppard W 3 and 2
Walsh and Reid L 5 and 4

Friday 14 April - Arderne (Away)

From the Captain of the Day - John Walsh

As always our host's hospitality was exceptional with Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and plenty of Hot toast to greet us. Due to adverse weather forecasts the match started earlier than planned. The Arderne course was wet but in good condition with the second and third greens presenting Portal golfers with their customary challenges. A feature of the day was intermittent rain showers making wet weather gear and umbrellas necessary.

Arderne pushed Portal all the way with experienced pairs of Groves and Sambell and Cross and Mayo slipping to defeat. Wilson and Walsh edged a win going out first and the overall win of 4-3 to Portal reflected the tightness of the game.

Barbara and Moira served lunch well received by all with the apple crumble and Bakewell Tart receiving top marks.

Tuesday 21 March Ladies with Seniors Am - Am

FROM Pat Roper - Seniors' Captain of the Day

A total of 34 Ladies & Seniors signed up for this match. This is the highest number we have had for this event and tells us the format is popular with both sections.

We played a team format of best 2 from 4 over 10 holes with 3 scores counting on the 2 Par 3’s. Considering this has been a week with very unsettled wet and windy weather we were lucky to get good conditions for the match. The great majority stayed for a lunch of sandwiches and chips afterwards and there was an excellent atmosphere over the lunch. This event enables both sections to play golf and then chat with members they may not have met before. If there was room in the calendar it would be nice to do more.

The winning score was an excellent 56 points. The winning team was comprised of two Seniors, namely Philip Earl & Ian Cunningham playing with two Ladies Amy Lester and Judith Youngson.

Philip is clearly in a vein of great form at the moment!!

Lady Captain Sharon Tidd presented bottles of wine to the winning team.

As always David Capper did an excellent job marshalling willing Seniors and then worked together with Pat Lavender who was doing the same role for the Ladies

The return match will be held at the end of the summer and it will be great if we can get the same numbers, if not more Seniors and Ladies, signing up for this.

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