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Saturday 27th February @10:00 am

With the return of golf in England 29th March we are delighted to announce that booking will be OPEN from Monday 1st March. Visitor bookings can be made under Menu -- > Golf

Toilet facilities will be Open during normal hours.


From Monday 29th March
* Preferred lies are in operation; if your ball is in the general area cut to fairway height or less you may lift, clean and place,
* Bunkers - lift and place within 6 inches - no nearer the hole.

Please remember for both preferred lie options that you are required to mark your ball before lifting and your replaced/dropped ball must be within 6 inches of your mark - no nearer the hole.
Full text - please see Golf -- > Local Rule Change (Oct onwards)



None at present, due to recent lockdown restrictions.


COVID-19 - Please see latest instructions in Menu