Club Championships


2023 Club Championships were played over the 15/16th July weekend.

Overall Gross Winner - Jeremy Mellor. (77 + 76 = 153)
Overall Nett Winner - Steve Rigby (Mr. Captain). (73 + 72 = 145)

Day 1
Gross Winner - Steve Light (77)
Nett Winner - James Hayward (69)

Day 2
Gross Winner - Chris Turner (78)
Nett Winner - Tony Lowe (71)

Ladies Results
Overall Gross Winner - Rhian Jones (87 + 88 = 175)
Overall Nett Winner - Joanne Barrett (71 + 70 = 141)

Note: Players can only win one prize over the weekend.

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2022 Club Championships were played over the 16/17 July weekend.

Overall Gross Winner - Chris Turner. (80 + 78 = 158)
Overall Nett Winner - Rob Williams (Mr. Captain). (72 + 70 = 142)

Day 1
Gross Winner - Keith Winter
Nett Winner - Keith Winter

Day 2
Gross Winner - Chris Turner
Nett Winner - Phil Earl

Congratulations to all winners on what is the clubs major competition of the year


Club Championship were played over the weekend of 17th & 18th July

Ladies Results
Gross Winner Rhian Jones
Nett Winner Wei-Sum Leung

Day One Winner: Sharon Tidd
Day Two Winner: Helen Dinsdale

Gents Results
Overall Gross: John Redmond (148)
Overall Nett: John Redmond (140)

Day 1 Gross: Carl Wood (78)
Day 1 Nett: Jim Wren (71)

Day 2 Gross: Chris Turner (78)
Day 2 Nett: Matt Buckley (70)

Well done to both Rhian and John with some great golf.

Thanks to Rob Williams & Cath Abbott for their work organising and analysing the results.

Captain & Lady Captain
(Tony & Judy)

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Images over the two days


Played over the weekend of 18-19th July.

Following on from the effects of COVID-19 and the resumption of golf in England. This was the first medal of the year and the first Board Comp!

Saturday was a very damp day, with the rain setting in for long periods, The scoring reflected the conditions with some difficult wet rough to contend with. Thankfully, Sunday was a much better day, with the sun shining for most of the competitors. With a welcome home beer/gin for all competitors from Mr President and Mr Captain - most welcome!



Saturday 18th
Day 1 Gross Winner: Chris Turner (79)
Day 1 Nett Winner: David Bunting (69)

Sunday 19th
Day 2 Gross Winner: Chris Cassettari (76)
Day 2 Nett Winner: John Biasillo (67)

Club Champion (Gross & Nett over both days) CARL WOOD (5) with a combined Gross Score of 81 & 73 = 154 (Nett Score 144).


Overall Gross Winner: RHIAN JONES (84 and 95 = 179)
Overall Nett Winner: SUSAN ALEXANDER (78 and 80 = 158)

Saturday 18th
Day 1 Nett Winner: Patti Vincent (79)

Sunday 19th
Day 2 Nett Winner: Rosemary Lilley (78)

Thanks to all who played and supported the event.


The 2019 Club Championships were held Sat/Sun 21st/22nd July, mixed weather but no storms.

Men: Gross John Redmond; Nett Chris Casseratti,
Ladies: Gross Andrea Dunstan; Nett Helen Dinsdale.

Nett Day 1 Winners were Nigel Graham and Judy Yankey
Nett Day 2 Chris Casseratti and Susan Alexander

Congratulations to all winners and well done to all who played, thanks to Barry and his staff for the condition of the course.