World Handicap System
Course Handicap

What is Course Handicap?

Before any player starts their round they must convert their Handicap Index into a Course Handicap.

The Course Handicap will determine the number of strokes a player will receive for any set of tees on a course.

An easy way for a player to remember the WHS, is to think HCP!

H = Handicap C = Course Handicap P = Play

It’s as easy as HCP! On page 24 of this toolkit we introduce our final secondary campaign, Easy As HCP. This will help reinforce the key aspects of the WHS to golfers:

1. Handicap Index
2. Course Handicap
3. Go out and Play

How to work out a Course Handicap?

England Golf will provide Course & Slope Rating tables to all golf clubs (as per the example on page 18). Tables should be positioned in conspicuous locations around the club to make it simple for golfers to find prior to beginning their round.
Golfers simply have to choose the tees they are playing off that day and cross reference their Handicap Index on the Course & Slope Rating table to ascertain their Course Handicap. It really is as simple as that - they’re then ready to get out on the course and play!