Green's Report

Green's Report

May 2019

Green's Report May 5th 2019 from David Steel

We have been introducing a new strain of grass to the damaged areas on the Premier Greens. The cultivar is a Velvet Bents which is hard wearing grass with superior disease tolerance. This has been introduced via a simple micro tine and sand loaded top dressing process. We will continue top dressing every second week at an enhanced rate of ¼ ton per green this to aid drainage.  I am very encouraged with the progress we are making. We then intend to level the surfaces to increase thatch breakdown in tandem.We continue to actively target the moss growth with chemical control. Please bear with us as the appearance of the moss will change colour from green to black/brown during this time. We will then use the vertical cutting units to target removal which is proving very successful.
Mr. Barry Robinson will bring along some photographs to our next meeting to show the original scars, the newly germinated Bents grass and same area 2 weeks later with the patches reducing.

I’ve instructed to double the volume of top dressing to mitigate the tine marks on the green and decrease any undulation in run. Hopefully you will notice this as you enjoy your golf this week.
I’ve instructed two additional fertiliser applications of which both have now been applied to speed up the processes above moving into peak summer/competition play.

We’ve also decided to apply a second wetting agent to slightly enhance our approach, the second application will be applied to all greens 3rd week May 2019.

Longer Range Report

I’ve decided to bring the annual soil analysis forward to have a good look at the makeup of the root zone, I expect an update in the next 2 weeks and I will report again on my findings.

Bunker Works 

  • We will be working on the rabbit damage to the bunker faces of 13 and 15 we shall be applying a repellent spray and covering the affected area with netting to prevent digging.
  • New drainage to right hand bunker on 6 with fresh sand added, completed 1st week May 2019.

Although the sand depth is improved I’ve instructed a new sand application to be added to bunkers on certain holes where quantities fall short of expectations.

Investment Update (£68,520 in the month)

  • White measured markers, to follow ordered yellow and red will arrive in the next week or so.
  • £3,000 of additional sand has been purchased specifically for the Premier course which will be applied starting 13.5.19.
  • £30,000 has been committed to replace all 75 green side sprinklers for the Premier Course and replacement is due the 2nd week of May 2019. Super news for the condition of the green condition.
  • £35,000 new Toro Greens Mower has been committed for the resort, mainly to be used on the Championship course here at Portal.

I sincerely hope you continue to enjoy the golf experience at Portal.

David Steel Managing Director
North West Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

Green's Report

April 2019

APRIL 28TH 2019

1 All Portal’s courses have now been measured by Eagle Golf in preparation for the World Handicap system. In the coming weeks, you will see new coloured disks on the tees; these are the distance reference points which will replace the coloured posts (not blocks).

2 Fertilizer and dressing has been applied to all tees and greens and with the help of the rain after Easter will activate properly so that we will see the benefit in early May.

3 To help with the irrigation of the greens on the Premier course, new sprinkler heads are being fitted enabling the sprayed water to cover the whole green; this work will be completed by the end of June (weather permitting). Please be aware of staff working on the greens while you are playing; there may also be a requirement for a green to be closed temporarily, in which case you should play to the relevant winter green.

4 A new greens mower (large investment) for the Championship course has been purchased and should arrive in early May. This will help the putting surfaces to be a lot smoother.

5 You may have seen a number of worms and leather jackets on the surface of the greens recently. This is because of a compound in the latest fertilizer, which gives these grubs a burning sensation on their skin; this then enables the birds to pick them up without digging up the greens. If you see the leather jackets, please kill them with your pitch mark repairer.

Steve Houlston
Greens Co-ordinator

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