Mr Captain Charities

Thank you so much to those of you who have supported my chosen charities during my year as Captain.

- Tony Lowe -

Reason for my choices

In July 2020, after coming out of the first Covid lockdown, my wife Phillipa suffered a serious accident when she was thrown from a horse. Phillipa was airlifted to A&E at Walton Hospital where she had a 5 hour operation and placed in recovery. Unfortunately, the nature of the fall caused an incomplete spinal cord injury which sadly at this moment in time has left Phillipa tetraplegic.

Phillipa was moved to Southport spinal unit and during her recovery contracted hospitalised pneumonia and nearly didn't make it, but for the incredible medical teams around her. Subsequently Phillipa moved to the Robert Jones and Agnus Hunt orthopedic hospital in Oswestry where she has started her rehabilitation. Due to Covid restrictions we have only managed to see one another face to face on a few occasions, but I hope to have Phillipa back soon.

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Thank you for your interest and support.
Tony (Mr C)