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FULL Team Sheet for Warrington (Away) - Friday 25 June 2021

2021-06-10 Seniors v Vale Royal Abbey (Away) (Click on Image to Enlarge)
VRA Captain Gordon Bradbury (left) and partner and PGC CoD Robert Crampton
VRA Captain Gordon Bradbury and partner and PGC CoD Robert Crampton
VRA Captain Gordon Bradbury and partner and PGC's John Warrington


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Seniors with Ladies

A thoroughly enjoyable 10 holes was played this morning in a mixed Ladies and Seniors friendly competition. The spoils went to Lady Captain, Janet Elrin, Helen Wrench and Peter Wilson (who's still reliving Brentford reaching the EPL). They scored 59 points - 6 points better than second place!!!

From the CAPTAINS of the DAY

Vale Royal Abbey Away - from the Captain of the Day - Robert Crampton

Whilst it did not feel like a normal fixture due to the COVID constraints, the hospitality of our hosts made us feel very welcome.

I came across Justin on the course and complimented him on the excellent condition of the course.

The weather was overcast and humid.

Thank you to my playing partner, John Warrington. Unfortunately, we were unable to get our noses in front against their Captain and CoD and lost our match.

Well done to the two pairings of Peter Wilson/Arnie Sheppard and Alex Millar/Ben Martin who both won their matches. Two further groups came in all square and the overall result finished with a loss for Portal 5 and 3.

Thanks to everyone on the team for their contribution.

Robert Crampton (COD)/John Warrington Lost
Jim Wren/John Walsh Lost
John Redmond/John Marlor Lost
Colin Albel/Harry Cooke All square
Peter Wilson/Arnie Sheppard Won
Alex Millar/Ben Martin Won
David Mansell/David Capper All square
Brian Clark/Geoff Shopland Lost

Crewe Home - from the Captain of the Day - Adrian Cross

We had a good day today in the match against Crewe at home at the Premier course. After a hair tearing lead up to fielding a full team thanks in no short measure to the efforts of Harry (who had injured his back), we nearly submitted the very first men's team which was to include brave Daphne Earl, thankfully Philip the dutiful husband stepped in!

Our match at the top of the order saw a tight match up until the 11th when my vice captain (Nigel) stepped up to win the hole and from there we didn't look back ultimately winning 3 and 1

I didn't count them all out but was there at the 18th to count them all in,
All the Crewe team thought the course was in good shape and that they had all enjoyed the day, weather was kind too which all added to the match.

Thanks to Donna and her team for looking after us all at the end supplying food and drinks to those who had ordered it.

The result was I think they call it an honourable draw with 4 matches each team.

Individual Matches
Adrian Cross and Nigel Self won 3 and 2
Howard Malyon and Jerry Tweddle won 2 up
Gill Perry and Gordon Holland lost 1 down
Colin Albel and Arnie Sheppard won 4 and 3
John Marler and John Walsh won 3 and 1
Philip Earl and Tom Doyle lost 2 and 1
John Warrington and Pat Roper lost 2 down
John Redmond and Peter Wilson lost 2 and 1

Helsby Away - From the Captain of the Day - Neil Tidd

Congratulations go to the Seniors' Interclub team who came from behind to win 5 1/2 - 2 1/2 at Helsby Golf Club. The rain held off (for the most part) and the course was in excellent condition. The trophy was presented by Jeff Mulholland (Event organiser) to Captain of the Day Neil Tidd

Individual Matches
Tidd and Crampton AS
Albel and Brown L
Perry and Millar L
Clark and Warrington W
Holland and Marlor W
Wren and Walsh W
Wilson and Roper W
Sambell and Shopland W