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2022 Seniors' Inter - Club Match Diary Revision C

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Mere Away - Click on each image for an explanation
Arnie and Ian on the first
Colin teeing off on the first
Adrian with a good putt on the 3rd
Harry on the 7th
Harry relaxing  at the wheel
Harry again!! Before putting
Harry wins the hole
Colin waiting at the 4th
Happy golfers!!

2022 PGC Seniors' ICM Results and CoD Reports

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From the CAPTAINS of the DAY

Seniors v Vicars Cross Home - from Captain of the Day Alan Groves

After a bit of a false catering start, the match got underway! The weather for the first part of the morning was variable but continued to improve during the round although there was a strong breeze throughout.

There were some tight matches played in good spirit. Especially unlucky were Adrian Cross and Colin Albel who came down 18 all square, only to lose to a superb eagle by Dave Finlay.

John Marlor won nearest the pin on 15th

Having lost away at Vicars Cross 8-0 it’s nice to be able to report a 5-3 win

Individual Matches
Groves and Mr P Tidd W
Crampton and Wilson W
Cross and Albel L
Earl and Marlor W
Holland and White L
Reid and Brown L
Capper and Walsh W
Cooke and Doyle W

Seniors v Dunham Forest Away - from Captain of the Day Arnie Sheppard

We will all remember how this week started with temperatures in the high 30s. Thankfully for the match against Dunham Forest we were back into lovely golfing weather nudging the low 20s. The key decision at the start of the day was- is it to be shorts or long trousers? I think the shorts won in the end.

Over recent years our matches against Dunham have turned out to have been pretty evenly matched affairs. Dunham Forest is a lovely course ,with a much higher slope rating than ours, and an immaculate Clubhouse/ facilities. As ever we were entertained by a very welcoming team of Seniors who were almost to a man on lower handicaps than Portal. This time was a first in that we started with soup and sandwiches at 1pm.The last 4 ball teed off at 3pm getting back to the Clubhouse just before 8pm. Breakdown of Harry Cooke’s buggy was blamed. For those players staying to see the final result this meant a few phone calls home delaying supper were in order.

The course was uniformly brown due to the lack of rain and good drainage of the fairways with just green oases coming into view as we neared the pins. Fairway shots ran for miles giving us all a false sense of our macho golfing skills. Certainly in my match local knowledge of the contours in both length & direction on the green gave the usual home team advantage. Three putts were often in order. Well that’s my excuse! I would no doubt be working on another theory when we have the return match at Portal shortly but unfortunately holidays will in my case preclude me from attending. Apologies in advance for that David.

My thanks to my playing partner Adrian for keeping our ship steady whilst I wandered through the trees. When it came to the crunch Portal ran out to a 5-3 win with most matches within +/- 2. All in all as ever a very good day out.

Overall Result W 5 - 3

Individual Matches
Sheppard and Cross L
Holland and Wren W
Albel and Tweddle L
Groves and Capper L
Marlo nd Mayo W
Walsh and Crampton W
Earl and Cooke W
Shopland and Tidd W

Mere Home - from Captain of the Day - Philip Earl

After all the warm and sunny weather it was a slightly low key arrival at the club with cloudy skies and the odd shower. The mood was lightened by David Capper’s excellent idea to serve bacon butties before tee off, and the weather continued to improve throughout the day.

All the members from Mere mentioned how much they enjoyed playing Portal again – the variety of the holes and the views. For the short hitters too, how the dry conditions was helping them reach the long par 4’s in 2!

The late lunch of chicken leg, roast and mash potato, and vegetables was most welcome.

Tariq Ali from Mere won the nearest the pin on the 15th prize, though he and his playing partner tossed for the accolade as their drives were exactly the same distance from the hole!!

For the historians amongst us, this now makes the overall standings vs Mere since 2013:

– 5 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw to Portal at home
– 6 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw in favour of Mere at Mere

Overall Result Won 5 - 3

Individual Matches
Walsh and Cooke W
Philip Earl (CoD and Mayo W
Groves and Howell W
Holland and Shopland AS
Morris and Cross L
Tweddle and Marlor L
Sheppard and Cunningham W
Albel and White AS

Inter - Club Matches - Results from 2013 onwards and Other Information

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